Would your child benefit from one to one tutoring?

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Service Description

Like many parents, you may be asking yourself this question. Maybe your child struggling in primary school. Or they’re doing really well and starting to feel a little bored in class. Maybe they’re a little nervous and you just want to help build their confidence in lessons. Whatever the case, if you decide they need additional support, you’ll very quickly find out that there is a world of choice available for parents. What about the alternatives to one to one tutoring Before you even consider one to one tutoring, you’ll find lots of other options to support children from primary to secondary school, and right up to GCSE and beyond. Your choices tend to boil down to three options: 1) The purely digital with online websites like Khan Academy. The advantage is that it’s easy to sign up and not expensive – there are plenty of free options. The disadvantage is that it’s hard to navigate, not personalised at all and will take quite a lot of input from you to make sure your child is working at their right level on the right sorts of activities and is able to complete their online course. This is also not a good idea if your child would benefit from a relational approach to their maths lessons. 2) Face to face group lessons offered after school by organisations like Kumon You need to commit to attending Kumon centres for these, which can be a challenge among all the other commitments of busy family life. Moreover the small group classes can often turn into much bigger groups so it’s hard to get the personalised support. You’ll also struggle to keep your child motivated as the method of teaching is very numeracy worksheet based and children soon baulk at the daily grind! 3) The ‘home school option’ – ie you do it yourself. Only you know whether this would work for you and your child. For most of us, particularly following our experience during Covid 19, this is the least attractive proposition but if you’ve got good maths knowledge yourself, access to lots of high quality maths resources, and endless patience, it might just work! 4) Last but not least is the one to one tutoring option One to one tuition has long been recognised as the most effective method of boosting a child’s confidence and supporting them to reach their full potential. But it can be costly, and difficult to know where to start if you’re looking for tutor in your home.